The most populous race in Rannoth, humans are native to the southern continent of Cabane, where they ruled a powerful empire which built arcane wonders unlike any the world has seen before or since. After a war against the serpent kings of Najara ended with a magical cataclysm which shattered the continent, most of the old empire’s citizens fled for Rannoth, where the colonies in southern Rannoth became the foundation of a new kingdom, and the first page of a new chapter of history.


Humans are humans. You should know this already.

Human society

Little is known about the old empire in Cabane. The Shan was founded not long after humanity fled to Rannoth. Over the course of the Second and Third Ages, humankind spread across Rannoth, building nations and kingdoms across the continent. The Holy Athusian Empire was conquered in eastern Rannoth under Serelath’s banner, while the northern region of Norramun was settled by the burly, seagoing Nords. The nation of Luskan holds much influence in central Rannoth, and the Adrese people once dominated the continent’s heartland.

Human religion

Serelath is the most revered deity by humans in Rannoth. Chandra has a large following in Shan, and Sybion is venerated by many Nords and Adrese. In Luskan, Gaaven and Hulmiir are worshiped by most humans.


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