Halflings are a diminutive race native to central Rannoth. The largest populations are in the Wrujell Plains and nearby regions like northwestern Shan or Luskan. Halflings also live in Athus, but in much smaller numbers than in the Plains regions.

Halfling Society

The Wrujell tribes are nomadic, and they follow the lizard herds across the savannah. Each tribe is led by a patriarch who is a shaman of their tribe’s patron animal, such as the Great Bear, the Watchful Eagle, the Cunning Wolf, etc. The role of patriarch is hereditary.

Halfling hunters have a sacred bond with their lizard mount.

Non-plains halflings adjust to their cultures with relative ease. Wrujell halflings are usually stout halflings, while lightfoot halflings are more common elsewhere.

Halfling Religion
Wrujell halflings are shamanistic, revering their tribe’s patron spirit, but Gaaven is frequently revered by other halflings.


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