Xedon, the Soul Warden, is the overseer of souls transitioning into the afterlife. After his angels, the Azrael (celestial for “reaper”) retrieve the souls of the deceased, Xedon weighs the soul. If it weighs less than a feather, the soul is to enjoy a happy afterlife. If it weighs more than a feather, the soul is condemned to punishment in Hades, Xedon’s astral domain, until the Soul Warden deems that they have learned their lesson. He does not enjoy punishing the damned, although he accepts it as his duty.

Xedon’s Teachings

The Soul Warden teaches that death is a natural force, and is not to be feared. Undead are an affront to the universe as such, “living” on after their time came. There is a schism amongst Xedon’s followers regarding his opinion on resurrection magic, some think he does not approve, and souls that were raised are punished after their final death, others think he tolerates it.

Suggested Domains for clerics: Death (acting as an agent of the Azrael), Life (ensuring nobody dies before their time has come)

Servant Gods

Iostru is Xedon’s archangel, and leader of the Azrael. Iostru was one of the first clerics of Xedon, and after his death, ascended to be the Soul Warden’s right hand.


Xedon appears as a humanoid wearing a dark robe with a hood which conceals his face. He is often portrayed holding his Soul Scales, and is usually depicted wielding a scythe in battle.


The Soul Warden’s symbol is a depiction of his Soul Scales, with a skull on one side, and a feather on the other (representing a soul being judged).

Xedoi (Month of Xedon)

Xedoi, the twelfth and final month of the year, is a month for honoring the dead. Wolfwater holds a ceremony at the end of this month called Brightriver Night, where the Sycahn River which flows through the city is filled with floating candles. Anyone can add a candle, as long as you write the name of a deceased loved one on it.


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