Born in a crucible of blood and steel, subject to gossip and hatred, the life of a tiefling is a hard one. After the Demonic Invasion which ended the Third Age, fiendish magics were absorbed into the land, where they remained long after the fiends were banished. Centuries later, humans continue to be born infused with the essence of an evil long defeated.


Tieflings look very similar to humans, but have several charactaristics that are unique to each individual, among the common mutations are tails, horns, glowing red eyes, reddish brown skin, hooves, and even bat-like wings in some rare cases.

Tiefling society

Tieflings have no homeland, and no true culture. Waymoor and Demonfall are home to large populations of tieflings. The Blood Hawks are a large crime syndicate that operates out of Waymoor, and is mostly controlled by tieflings. Due to their demonic heritage and the actions of the Blood Hawks, tieflings are subject to much scrutiny and hatred.

Tiefling religion

Tieflings worship the same gods as humans, but worship of the Dark Four, especially Archon, is common.


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