An insectoid race which live in the Underdark. They only started venturing to the surface in recent years, often in search of prey. Little is known about the sin’qura, but scholars are in agreement in one fact: They are not native to this world.


Sin’qura appear to have three or four stages of life, or possibly specialized body types. The most common form, known as the Adult, is about the height of a human. They are mostly a pale color, with parts of their body covered in a armor-like exoskeleton. These exoskeleton plates seem to be dyed to show allegiance to one’s Queen.

Three other forms of sin’qura exist:

  • Thralls are pale, skeleton-like beings with large claws. They seem to take the role of workers or foot soldiers in sin’qura society. What exactly thralls are is a subject of debate; Some think they are a larva form, others think they are worker drones, others think they are undead or even constructs.
  • Knights look similar to adults, but are much taller — over six feet tall — and covered in a large, thick, exoskeleton. Knights act as guard captains, military commanders, and as the Queen’s consorts and bodyguards.
  • The rarest sin’qura form, queens are the rulers of a hive. Always female, the queen is rarely seen, and little is known about them as such. They seem to be very skilled in the use of arcane magic, and wield nightmarish spells and craft powerful rituals.

Sin’qura society

The sin’qura live in vast hives of over a thousand individuals, led by a Queen. This queen has a guard of five or more Knights, who also act as her harem. If a knight perishes, another male sin’qura is selected from the population to be transformed in a painful ritual which he will likely not survive. If the subject dies, another is chosen for the ritual.

Sin’qura religion

The sin’qura do not worship any of the Twelve, but have their own pantheon, headed by the Three Sisters, Auresh, goddess of conquest, Xivu Arath, the goddess of war, and Savathun, a trickster goddess. The three sister’s children make up the minor gods and goddesses of the pantheon. A god named Atrypt seems to take the role of the Sisters’ enemy.


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