For over five hundred years, the region of Athus was home to a large holy empire carved in Serelath’s name. At the end of the Third Age, demons surged into the world from a portal in the Wastes of Rhuul. and caused widespread death and destruction. Nowhere was affected as much as the Holy Athusian Empire, which was reduced to shambles by the Demonic Invasion.

Athus is now an untamed wilderness with scattered pockets of civilization. The quality of life varies wildly depending on the city-state or fiefdom one calls home.

Population & Demographics

Humans are the most common race in Athus, with dwarves, elves, orcs, and tieflings as the largest minorities. A fair number of Arkhosian encampments exist in the region as well. The Holy Athusian Empire was home to nearly 40 million people in its heyday, but the population was cut in half by the Demonic Invasion, and the wars, disease, and famine which ensued.


Unsuprisingly, Serelath is the most revered deity in Athus. Hulmiir and Thalasos are often worshiped by Athusians as well.

Towns & Cities


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