Tag: Tiefling


  • Blood Hawks

    [[File:535831 | class=media-item-align-center | 223x223px | blood_hawk.jpg]] A large crime syndicate which operates out of [[Waymoor]]. The town guards have not been effective in controlling them, and [[:marcus-khalid | Marcus Khalid]] has begun to hire …

  • Tieflings

    Born in a crucible of blood and steel, subject to gossip and hatred, the life of a tiefling is a hard one. After the [[Demonic Invasion]] which ended the Third Age, fiendish magics were absorbed into the land, where they remained long after the fiends …

  • Skamos Sorrow

    A while back Skamos and a dragonborn by the name of [[:glaardo | Glaardo]] loved the same tiefling, Sheik. Glaardo tried to shoot Skamos with a crossbow, but Sheik jumped in front of the bolt and died.