Adventures in Rannoth

Night Terrors
The night hungers once more.

The party is hanging out in the Howling Wolf tavern when the bartender asks if they had seen his friend Lamal, who is also an adventurer. He claims him and a magic-user ran off to the Screaming Ruins (known by that name because of the howls coming from the ruins at night) a few days ago, and neither has been seen since.

The party ventures to the ruins, where they seem to be stalked by an unseen creature as they explore. They find a mural depicting the sin’qura, which appear to be the same creatures which attacked Waymoor a few months ago.

After descending the stairs, the party finds Lamal’s body mauled beyond recognition. Not far into the basement of the ruined tower, they are ambushed by sin’qura. After slaying the aberrations, they continue exploring the ruin. They find a wand of magic missile (which Skamos claims), and eventually the ruin slowly merges with a cave. Inside the cave is a warlock chanting and drawing intricate symbols in the sandy floor. She notices their approach, and creates a rune of green fire under their feet. Rodarick nearly dies in the following battle, but the warlock is defeated. She fades into green mist before she can be slain though, leaving the party with more questions than answers as to what has happened in the Screaming Ruins.

The Cult of Verath
A happy reunion becomes much less happy.

Four months after the sin’qura attack, Thokkren, Rodarick, and Skamos reunite in Waymoor for Marcus Khalid’s birthday celebration; the event is postponed however, as it rained on the day of the event. The trio meet up in the tavern to share their tales.

Marcus pulls up a chair to inform them of a potential job: a plague is spreading across Waymoor. However, it is only striking those who primarily worship Serelath. Marcus Khalid asks the party to check around in a part of town where the Dark Four are more revered.

The group encounters two Blood Hawk thugs talking with two guys that have Verath’s icon tattooed on their shoulders. Fight ensues. A letter written by Mathian Wolfglory invites one of the slain cultists to a ritual ceremony where a contact other plane spell will be cast to contact Verath.

After reaching the ritual room, Mathian and two cultists engage the heroes to allow the casters to finish the ritual. They are quickly slain. The ritual is soon completed, but it goes awry: instead of an avatar of Verath, a writhing mass of tentacles emerges from the portal. It makes quick work of its summoners, and soon turns to the party. After a grueling battle, it is destroyed.

Invasion From Below
The night hungers for blood.

Marcus Khalid requests the party’s presence at his manor. There, they meet his biological son Stephen, his adopted son Donaar, and Thokk, an acquaintance of his sons. A paladin of Xedon named Piras is also present.

Suddenly, there’s a large explosion coming from the town’s northern wall. When the Party goes to investigate, they find that a sin’qura attack spearheaded by a colossal ogre-like beast has broken through the town wall! The trio defeat the beast.

The party hears a man shouting a magical incantation on the market street, followed by a large explosion and the death screams of sin’qura. The trio rush to his aid, and are joined by Stephen, who is fighting off the invasion (Donaar and Thokk are elsewhere). The sin’qura are defeated by the party, Stephen, and some random warlock, who then wishes them luck right before fleeing town.

A scream from the nearby manor is heard. Piras, who was mutated by the sin’qura, has slaughtered many of the staff, and is in the throne room, blade raised. Luckily, the party & Stephen rush to his aid. After a long and brutal battle, Piras is killed.

After the invaders are defeated, a large stone block is placed over the opening to the sin’qura hive, and Thokkren, Skamos, and Rodarick are given medals of honor for their heroism. A funeral ceremony for Piras is given the following night.

The Kobold's Den
Or: Pimp My Evil Lair.

The trio decide to deal with the kobolds before the Arkhosian forces arrive.

Once they reach the den, they tie the kobold guard to a tree, and interrogate him. He doesn’t know much (kobolds aren’t very bright), but he reveals that “something gooey” lives in the den.

Inside the group fights some kobolds, and Thokkren punts one across the room. While climbing a staircase, Skamos triggers a tripwire and causes the stairs to fold into the floor, and everyone slips down to the base of the staircase. It takes a while, but they make it to a large room at the top, where three kobolds wait. Rodarick attempts to convince them that they are from “Pimp My Evil Lair,” but the bluff fails. The kobolds don’t last long.

On the other side of the room there is a large door. They knock on the door, and claim to be the boss. However the boss is inside. Rodarick claims to be the boss’ boss, but they know that the boss’ boss doesn’t sound like that. His final assertion – that he’s the boss’ boss’ boss – is met with a claim that the boss’ boss doesn’t even have a boss. Thokkren kicks down the door, and they make quick work of the kobold guards.

It turns out the boss is Glaardo, Skamos’ old nemesis. The group defeats him in a very underwhelming battle, and throws him in the dungeon, the Arkhosian plot foiled.

Hunt for Dulgarn
New party members, new enemies. And a crazy Scottish dwarf.

Thokkren, Skamos, and Roderick are taking a well-deserved break in the Howling Wolf tavern one evening. They notice an elf eyeing them from a booth in the tavern wall. Eventually, she walks over, and introduces herself as Rynna Xiloscient. She joins the group.

The quartet check the job board for potential adventures, and see that there is a large reward – 100 GP per party member – for the capture of the dwarf serial killer Dulgarn the Clanless, who recently started working with the Blood Hawks. They take the job.

They start their search by looking for some Blood Hawks to interrogate in the harbor ward. They are ambushed by Blood Hawks, and defeat the bandits. The bandits tell them that Dulgarn is at a ball Marcus Khalid is currently attending, planning to chop up the town lord.

The party rushes to the ball, and Rynna strikes Dulgarn with a few magic missiles just before he sinks his axe into Marcus’ leg. After a battle, they defeat the criminal, and throw him in the dungeon. Rynna disappears without a trace that night.

The Wizard's Tower
The dynamic duo explores a ruin to save an ally.

Skamos has been in a coma the past few days. Rodarick notices that the tieflings’ arm is slowly turning pale and slightly skeletal — like the creature farmer Jenkins turned into! Him and Thokkren rush to the town’s diviner and medicine woman, a tiefling named Hope, to find a cure. She tells them that Skamos suffers from “the Madness,” a curse/disease which results in aversions to sunlight, introversion, muttering strange phrases over and over, homicidal psychosis, and eventually transforming into a monster. The only cure is the blood of a dragon.

The two set off for a nearby abandoned wizard tower. Inside they face animated suits of armor, and presumably a few other things I don’t remember. At the top of the tower, they find the mage who once lived here’s alchemy lab, and the dragon blood. The pair hear a rustling from inside a cabinet, and find an angry, one-eyed, horned, purple humanoid, who snarls at them, asking what they are doing here. “Nothing,” Rodarick says as he closes the cabinet, and the two leave at once.

They apply the dragon blood to Skamos, and he wakes up.

Waymoor (and the many problems therein)
A lord, a gang, and a hole in Farmer Jenkin's basement.

The party meets Marcus Khalid, the lord of Waymoor, and inform him of the impending Arkhosian attack. He refuses to speak to Skamos or Roderick, on count of being in conflict with both their races, and asks them to leave. Roderick obeys the lord, but Skamos objects, saying he gave them the job, now he can’t back out. Marcus begrudgingly agrees.

That night, the trio sets off for the harbor ward of the town, which is under the Blood Hawks control. While walking down an alleyway, they are ambushed by Blood Hawks. During the fight, Skamos is struck with an arrow and falls into a coma. Rodarick and Thokkren drag him back to the inn, where they overhear gossip about old farmer Jenkins’ claiming that there’s monsters under his farmstead.

The pair head to the Jenkins farmstead, and find the elderly man lying on the floor, muttering “they lurk below,” over and over. He eventually gets up, and turns inside out, becoming a hideous, skeleton-like aberration. After a short battle, the creature is slain, but the two find a large hole in the basement which leads to an underground hive of creatures like the one Jenkins became — along with the corpse of the court wizard, Aramel.

Being the fearless adventurers they are, they turn around and run away to tell Marcus about the situation. Marcus insists that Aramel will handle it. Once he is informed that the wizard is dead, the lord realized the danger his town is in…

The Beginning
Our adventure begins.

Thokkren Vo’grash, Rodarick Ironpalm, and Skamos Sorrow are hired by a representative of the lord of Waymoor to help deal with the Blood Hawks, a crime syndicate.

On the way, they are ambushed by kobolds. After defeating the kobolds, the group finds a letter on one of the kobold’s corpses. It is addressed to Zhrahazar, discussing their planned invasion of Waymoor, using the kobold’s den as a staging base. The party rushes to town to inform the local lord.


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