Thokkren Vo'grash

half-orc paladin of Serelath


Thokkren once lived in the Orcish Territories. During an Arkhosian attack on his hometown, him and several other orcs attempted to escape via boat. Their attempt was not successful, the boat was sunk, and most of the crew slain. Thokkren sailed around on a raft for a while, and eventually found a temple devoted to Serelath, where the priests took him in. Eventually Thokkren devoted himself to the Radiant Dragoness, and became a paladin in her name.

Back to the Roots

After the Sin’qura invasion of Waymoor, Thokkren returned to the Orcish Territories and tried to rally the clans into revolting against their dragonborn conquerers, with moderate success. He got the traditional tattoos of his tribe during this visit.

A few months later, him, Rodarick, and Skamos reunited in Waymoor, and went on a few more adventures. They also defeated an Arkhosian attack on the town.

Uniting the Clans

Some time after defeating the Arkhosians, Thokkren went back to the orc lands to unify the scattered tribes. This took several years, but the clans were merged into the Orcish Confederation. After that, he started a new order of paladins, the Chairbenders, using the knowledge gained from his adventures. At some point he had children. Even into his old age, Thokkren stood as a protector of the people. His legacy is carried by Tamigur, his granddaughter and current leader of the Chairbenders.

Thokkren Vo'grash

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