Adventures in Rannoth

Waymoor (and the many problems therein)

A lord, a gang, and a hole in Farmer Jenkin's basement.

The party meets Marcus Khalid, the lord of Waymoor, and inform him of the impending Arkhosian attack. He refuses to speak to Skamos or Roderick, on count of being in conflict with both their races, and asks them to leave. Roderick obeys the lord, but Skamos objects, saying he gave them the job, now he can’t back out. Marcus begrudgingly agrees.

That night, the trio sets off for the harbor ward of the town, which is under the Blood Hawks control. While walking down an alleyway, they are ambushed by Blood Hawks. During the fight, Skamos is struck with an arrow and falls into a coma. Rodarick and Thokkren drag him back to the inn, where they overhear gossip about old farmer Jenkins’ claiming that there’s monsters under his farmstead.

The pair head to the Jenkins farmstead, and find the elderly man lying on the floor, muttering “they lurk below,” over and over. He eventually gets up, and turns inside out, becoming a hideous, skeleton-like aberration. After a short battle, the creature is slain, but the two find a large hole in the basement which leads to an underground hive of creatures like the one Jenkins became — along with the corpse of the court wizard, Aramel.

Being the fearless adventurers they are, they turn around and run away to tell Marcus about the situation. Marcus insists that Aramel will handle it. Once he is informed that the wizard is dead, the lord realized the danger his town is in…


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