Adventures in Rannoth

The Wizard's Tower

The dynamic duo explores a ruin to save an ally.

Skamos has been in a coma the past few days. Rodarick notices that the tieflings’ arm is slowly turning pale and slightly skeletal — like the creature farmer Jenkins turned into! Him and Thokkren rush to the town’s diviner and medicine woman, a tiefling named Hope, to find a cure. She tells them that Skamos suffers from “the Madness,” a curse/disease which results in aversions to sunlight, introversion, muttering strange phrases over and over, homicidal psychosis, and eventually transforming into a monster. The only cure is the blood of a dragon.

The two set off for a nearby abandoned wizard tower. Inside they face animated suits of armor, and presumably a few other things I don’t remember. At the top of the tower, they find the mage who once lived here’s alchemy lab, and the dragon blood. The pair hear a rustling from inside a cabinet, and find an angry, one-eyed, horned, purple humanoid, who snarls at them, asking what they are doing here. “Nothing,” Rodarick says as he closes the cabinet, and the two leave at once.

They apply the dragon blood to Skamos, and he wakes up.


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