Adventures in Rannoth

The Kobold's Den

Or: Pimp My Evil Lair.

The trio decide to deal with the kobolds before the Arkhosian forces arrive.

Once they reach the den, they tie the kobold guard to a tree, and interrogate him. He doesn’t know much (kobolds aren’t very bright), but he reveals that “something gooey” lives in the den.

Inside the group fights some kobolds, and Thokkren punts one across the room. While climbing a staircase, Skamos triggers a tripwire and causes the stairs to fold into the floor, and everyone slips down to the base of the staircase. It takes a while, but they make it to a large room at the top, where three kobolds wait. Rodarick attempts to convince them that they are from “Pimp My Evil Lair,” but the bluff fails. The kobolds don’t last long.

On the other side of the room there is a large door. They knock on the door, and claim to be the boss. However the boss is inside. Rodarick claims to be the boss’ boss, but they know that the boss’ boss doesn’t sound like that. His final assertion – that he’s the boss’ boss’ boss – is met with a claim that the boss’ boss doesn’t even have a boss. Thokkren kicks down the door, and they make quick work of the kobold guards.

It turns out the boss is Glaardo, Skamos’ old nemesis. The group defeats him in a very underwhelming battle, and throws him in the dungeon, the Arkhosian plot foiled.


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