Adventures in Rannoth

The Cult of Verath

A happy reunion becomes much less happy.

Four months after the sin’qura attack, Thokkren, Rodarick, and Skamos reunite in Waymoor for Marcus Khalid’s birthday celebration; the event is postponed however, as it rained on the day of the event. The trio meet up in the tavern to share their tales.

Marcus pulls up a chair to inform them of a potential job: a plague is spreading across Waymoor. However, it is only striking those who primarily worship Serelath. Marcus Khalid asks the party to check around in a part of town where the Dark Four are more revered.

The group encounters two Blood Hawk thugs talking with two guys that have Verath’s icon tattooed on their shoulders. Fight ensues. A letter written by Mathian Wolfglory invites one of the slain cultists to a ritual ceremony where a contact other plane spell will be cast to contact Verath.

After reaching the ritual room, Mathian and two cultists engage the heroes to allow the casters to finish the ritual. They are quickly slain. The ritual is soon completed, but it goes awry: instead of an avatar of Verath, a writhing mass of tentacles emerges from the portal. It makes quick work of its summoners, and soon turns to the party. After a grueling battle, it is destroyed.


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