Adventures in Rannoth

Night Terrors

The night hungers once more.

The party is hanging out in the Howling Wolf tavern when the bartender asks if they had seen his friend Lamal, who is also an adventurer. He claims him and a magic-user ran off to the Screaming Ruins (known by that name because of the howls coming from the ruins at night) a few days ago, and neither has been seen since.

The party ventures to the ruins, where they seem to be stalked by an unseen creature as they explore. They find a mural depicting the sin’qura, which appear to be the same creatures which attacked Waymoor a few months ago.

After descending the stairs, the party finds Lamal’s body mauled beyond recognition. Not far into the basement of the ruined tower, they are ambushed by sin’qura. After slaying the aberrations, they continue exploring the ruin. They find a wand of magic missile (which Skamos claims), and eventually the ruin slowly merges with a cave. Inside the cave is a warlock chanting and drawing intricate symbols in the sandy floor. She notices their approach, and creates a rune of green fire under their feet. Rodarick nearly dies in the following battle, but the warlock is defeated. She fades into green mist before she can be slain though, leaving the party with more questions than answers as to what has happened in the Screaming Ruins.


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