Adventures in Rannoth

Invasion From Below

The night hungers for blood.

Marcus Khalid requests the party’s presence at his manor. There, they meet his biological son Stephen, his adopted son Donaar, and Thokk, an acquaintance of his sons. A paladin of Xedon named Piras is also present.

Suddenly, there’s a large explosion coming from the town’s northern wall. When the Party goes to investigate, they find that a sin’qura attack spearheaded by a colossal ogre-like beast has broken through the town wall! The trio defeat the beast.

The party hears a man shouting a magical incantation on the market street, followed by a large explosion and the death screams of sin’qura. The trio rush to his aid, and are joined by Stephen, who is fighting off the invasion (Donaar and Thokk are elsewhere). The sin’qura are defeated by the party, Stephen, and some random warlock, who then wishes them luck right before fleeing town.

A scream from the nearby manor is heard. Piras, who was mutated by the sin’qura, has slaughtered many of the staff, and is in the throne room, blade raised. Luckily, the party & Stephen rush to his aid. After a long and brutal battle, Piras is killed.

After the invaders are defeated, a large stone block is placed over the opening to the sin’qura hive, and Thokkren, Skamos, and Rodarick are given medals of honor for their heroism. A funeral ceremony for Piras is given the following night.


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