Adventures in Rannoth

Hunt for Dulgarn

New party members, new enemies. And a crazy Scottish dwarf.

Thokkren, Skamos, and Roderick are taking a well-deserved break in the Howling Wolf tavern one evening. They notice an elf eyeing them from a booth in the tavern wall. Eventually, she walks over, and introduces herself as Rynna Xiloscient. She joins the group.

The quartet check the job board for potential adventures, and see that there is a large reward – 100 GP per party member – for the capture of the dwarf serial killer Dulgarn the Clanless, who recently started working with the Blood Hawks. They take the job.

They start their search by looking for some Blood Hawks to interrogate in the harbor ward. They are ambushed by Blood Hawks, and defeat the bandits. The bandits tell them that Dulgarn is at a ball Marcus Khalid is currently attending, planning to chop up the town lord.

The party rushes to the ball, and Rynna strikes Dulgarn with a few magic missiles just before he sinks his axe into Marcus’ leg. After a battle, they defeat the criminal, and throw him in the dungeon. Rynna disappears without a trace that night.


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