Adventures in Rannoth

100 Years: Update One

In which everything begins.

This story takes place 100 years after Thokkren, Skamos and Rodarick repelled a Draconian assault upon the small town of Waymoor. A caravan is setting out to (forgot the town name, it’s about 10 days on foot northeast of Waymoor). The Tiefling Gunslinger who’s name I never got and myself (Dastrun the Minotaur). Anyway, on the first day of travel the caravan was approached by armed skeletons who began whispering about the “Sand King”.

Thankfully, I won initiative, and the skeletons were about 80 feet away, so I pulled out my longbow and fired an arrow right through the smallest skeletons skull. He didn’t die, but he was obviously unstable. Then, as the skeletons began to approach (my ally rolled a 4 on her initiative) a tiger leapt out of the woods and began to shred the group’s leader into pieces. After some arrows from the skeletons, and a failed attack from the skeleton leader, our gunslinger pulled out her pistol, and fired her first shot, missing horribly and startling everyone.

My turn again, so I blitzed the leader, lifting him up by the ribcage with my horns, and then slamming him down for the tiger, who pulled his head off. The rest of the skeletons charged up into the fray and slashed at me and the tiger. The two skeletons attacking the tiger started to cut him up, while the one attacking me just barely hit, but I halved the damage with a superiority die. Then, the tiefling decided to back me up, so she changed her aim and missed again, the bullet flying past her target. I swung my mace and handaxe in unison, tearing up the guy in front of me, while the tiger, while not doing substantial damage this round, kept his enemies at bay, and the tiefling finally got a good hit, blowing my foe into pieces. While I turned around and threw the surviving archer into the air, and while the tiger mauled one of his opponents into pieces, our gunslinger friend got a crit while trying to shoot the enemy I tossed in the air, causing him to explode. Finally, I sprinted head first into the remaining warrior and thankfully, his health was low enough that I killed him regardless of my damage roll, because I did a measly 4 damage.

I really didn’t mean to bull rush this much, I intended to do a lot more weapon attacks. I’ll have to do that next game.

Anyway, for our impressive display, we received a round of applause, and the tiger revealed himself to be a halfling druid named Buck.

Also, I’m not entirely sure where or when, but at some point during combat, one of the archers hit the gunslinger with an arrow for a pretty hefty amount (he crit). Also, the second archer got killed, and it was either me or the gunslinger who did it, but I don’t remember who.

Back on track, our gunslinger tried to get the caravan master to give us extra cash, and failed (11 total, with bonuses). The second, third and fourth days were uneventful. On the fifth day, we played cards, and I got four silver (the gunslinger lost a few gold) whereas Buck lost a few silvers, I actually gained some coin (we rolled d20+Deception, which I have no bonus to!). On day six I climbed a waterfall!

On day eight we were tailed by a group of heavily armored elves. The halfling wildshaped into a tiger, and he and I strolled into the forest and waited for our companions passed, before emerging and approaching them from behind. A brief conversation revealed that they were hunting an orc wanted for robbery in the elven continent. As they passed, we returned to the woods and emerged just before they caught up to the caravan. After a brief inspection (in which they recognized the tiger, who winked at em’) they passed by.

At some point between the poker and the elves, we found a stone with an eye carved into it on the side of the road (it was about 3 feet tall and very heavy) and was essentially an advertisement for the psionics college. Dastrun disapproves of psionics, so I expressed this and we moved on.

A day or two after that, we found a dead paladin from up north lying in the road, dead for a couple days now. We did some investigating, and he wasn’t killed with weapons, but rather with slashing and piercing natural weapons. Either he was killed by animals (which seems unlikely for a high level paladin) or he was killed by the hivemind weirdos we tangoed with last campaign (I was Thokkren last time). Anyway, it turned out he had a magic sword, I frowned on looting a dead paladin, but Buck took the sword and made a break for it, and I didn’t care enough to chase him around for it. We decided to take him off the road at least. I don’t actually remember what we did with him, but I kept my eyes peeled the next couple days.

On the ninth night, we started playing music all together (Buck on flute, myself on drums, our half orc employer on lute and our gunslinger doing interpretive dancing). Finally, on the tenth day, we were attacked by two bandits and an orc trying to raid the camp. I circled around them and bullrushed the orc, and went in for two shortsword strikes (both hit, total of 15 piercing) but then we had to wrap up.

This took me two hours to write! End of update.


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